Worcester Restaurants

I happened across a great article in The Worcester Business Journal today regarding the booming restaurant surge in the Worcester area. I will freely admit that the areas dining establishments and our close proimity to them was a nice checkmark on the "pro" side of things during our house/condo hunt.

We have been so busy with things that the only place we have hit up on the list below so far was The Sole on Crystal's birthday and that turned into a top notch dinner. Hopefully we will have the same type of experience as we tick the other places off our list. El Basha and Haiku are minutes away. Heck we can get to all these resturants within about 7 minutes at the most.

Plenty of dining to do, and maybe we can start enjoying some dinners out more often as the big expenses have been outlayed for the house and such.

The WBJ article linked below was very informative. I've linked most of the establishments mentioned in the article as well.

Worcester Business Journal Article
Block 5 & Bocado
The Sole Proprietor
El Basha
Coral Seafood
The Flying Rhino
Shrewsbury Street

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