Howard Stern's ICC Screen Name Revealed

Leave it to Doug Goodstein and crew at Howard TV to reveal Howard Stern's screen name at International Chess Club to the rest of the world!! During the Bubba Wedding Special there is footage from the plane flight down to Tampa which shows Howard's username on his laptop. The screen name was posted on Stern Fan Network along with a screen cap, the thread was deleted from SFN, but can be found elewhere on the net.

I'm not going to repost the info, but I found the link to his ICC screen name to be a cool sort of sneak peek "behind the veil of Howard Stern". Very cool to see that his screen name was show related and to read the couple comments that he had posted regarding chess.

"Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, best for me...the earlier the better"

That is pure Howard Stern! Getting up at 5am on his days off so he can play chess with some guy from Norway on ICC.


Anonymous said...

why on earth would you be bent on blabbing to the world his private name on ICC, now if he gets hrarassed he needs to change it.

Nice going dick wadd.

I hope if he has to change it he sues you. FUCKER.

I'm sorry, it just pisess me off that he would come here and ***TRY*** to be anon an you rat fucks have to try and expose him.



4rilla said...

Your reading comprehension is minimal at best!

Read my post and tell me where I mention what Howard's screen name is? Can't find it? That is because I DO NOT reveal it!

It is revealed on other websites and blogs including website and message boards that have a complex about "SFN" being "the" Stern board. SFN promptly removed the info, but the mods and owners of this other site listed Howard's private info.

When I began this post I intended ON REVEALING Howard's screenname; however while writing it I determined that I DID NOT WANT TO reveal Howard's name on ICC. I've been a fan for over 20 years and did not want to betray him and give up his anonymity...

So reread the post and you will clearly see that I did not reveal this information.

Go away pest, or get the balls to come back and reply with a screen name.

shabooty said...

that cat's already out of the bag
o well
howie has enough pull and has given ICC enough press --I am sure he can get a new sn e.z.ily ---
and if this is his only problem in his life then things aren't too bad...