New England Surge Inaugural Game At The DCU Center

Crystal and I went down to the DCU Center to catch the first ever home game of the expansion New England Surge of the fledgling Continental Indoor Football League. The Surge drew a nice crowd of nearly 5,000 and everyone went home happy as the NY/NJ Revolution were overmatched as the Surge rolled 60-6. It should be known that the Revolution were beaten 70-3 the week before and look like they could go winless the whole season.

The Surge brought a respectable game out on the field, laid out some heavy hits, exciting kick returns and big passes. You really are on top of the action when football is being played on a hockey rink and the $5.25 beer nonwithstanding it is a fun way to spend a couple hours and support the city. And to top it off Crystal ended up winning a gift certificate for a spa and had a min interview on the Jumbotron during a time out! Nice!

We had to leave the game before it was over because we had 9:30 reservations at Bocado. We arrived about 20 minutes late and were seated right away, the bar area was quite full and every table was taken for the duration of our meal. And what a meal it was, we sampled like 6 or 7 things and it seemed like each dish was better than the one before. Well except for the egg and crab dish. But 6 dishes were out of the park homeruns and one was decent, so you certainly can't complain about that. The best meal we have had since moving to Worcester and I'm sure it will not be long at all before we head back.

So I guess I am saying:
Bocado = 4rilla approved
Surge @ The DCU = 4rilla approved

New England Surge

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