2007 Maxim Mag Hot 100 Revealed on Stern This AM

So the editor of Maxim Magazine was in the Howard Stern studios this morning to unveil the 2007 Maxim Hot 100 list. I figured I would post the Maxim Top 10, and then reshuffle them into the 4rilla Top 10.

Maxim's Top 10
10. Fergie
9. Eva Longoria
8. Rihanna
7. Eva Mendez
6. Ali Larter
5. Jessica Biel
4. Christina Aguilera
3. Scarlett Johanssen
2. Jessica Alba
1. Lindsay Lohan

There are a few that Maxim listed that wouldn't even make my Top 10, Lindsay Lohan included, but it would be too much of a chore to make my own Top 10, so I will just reshuffle the Maxim list.

4rilla Top 10
10. Fergie
9. Eva Longoria
8. Lindsay Lohan
7. Ali Larter
6. Eva Mendez
5. Scarlett Johanssen
4. Rihanna
3. Jessica Biel
2. Christina Aguilera
1. Jessica Alba

The whole Lindsay Lohan at #1 thing is a joke as far as I'm concerned. She isn't all that hot in my opinion and I can certainly do without the freckles. Maybe she has been sharing her coke stash with the Maxim editors.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ali Larter is to old....
Fergie is to damn gross , have you seen her without makeup...
Rihanna has a messed up nose and
Lindsey is pretty but to much of a punk...
Jessica Biel has an ass but her face is all busted in my opinions..
but the rest I would agree with.
a womens point of view :)

when I said write a blog I didn't imagine you would do the top 10 hotest gals...lol