Dr. Seuss Sculpture Park @ Springfield Quadrangle

On Saturday Crystal and I took advantage of the final weekend of the Bank of America "Museums On Us" promotion and jumped on the Mass Pike and headed for Springfield and the museums on the Quadrangle which include the Dr. Seuss National Memorial And Sculpture Park. The Dr. Seuss sculptures and exhibits were the reason that we went and were indeed the highlight of the museums, although the fine arts museum did have some nice pieces as well.

But the Seuss exhibit was what stood out, the museum contained a bunch of his original drawings as well as some of his 3D renderings of some of the characters. There was also an exhibt that showed some of Geisel's early works for Naragansett Beer and Haffebraffer beer. I didn't know that Dr. Seuus created the original Chief Gansett of Naragansett Beer!

Anyhoo, I've loved Seuss books since day one and this was a cool day trip (for free)!!

Springfield Museums

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