Obama Girl is Miss Howard TV

It was pointed out on SFN that the star of the Obama Girl video is Miss Howard TV, Amber Lee Ettinger. This is the same girl that Artie Lange wanted to pay $100K to have sex with.

Last week when discussing the Howard Stern convention Artie said he would like to go as Miss Howard TV so he could go home and fuck himself! Funny line.

She made a great video, and it was cool to find out she has a connection to "The Show"

There is a thread on SFN that is pretty much an Amber Lee Ettinger photo flood! The thread contains pics that Maxim has picked up and run with along with some shots from her own website and some bikini pics. I figured I would add the link to this thread as Obama Girl is sending me mucho hits. Check the links below for pics!!!

Amber Lee Ettinger Photo Flood
Pics from her Miss Howard TV photo shoot here
Amber Lee Online

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