Today Is National Donut Day

I saw an article on the main page of yahoo today at work that linked to an article about America's Best Donuts, as soon as I saw the article I had to scroll down and see if Butler's Colonial House on Sanford Rd. in Westport MA was listed. I was quite happy to find Butler's on the list which included 34 donut shops from around the USA.

Some futher internet searching found mention of Butler's on a Top 10 Donut Shops in America list as well as many foodie blog and website mentions.

Basically I grew up less than 5 miles from Butler's but from the time I was born thru my early teen years my family camped all summer on the Watuppa Pond at a campground that was less than one mile from Butler's Donuts. Basically growing up camping everyone and I mean everyone at the campground would go to Butler's on Saturday and Sunday mornings and pick up one or two dozen donuts. The campground had about 50 different sites and you could pretty much spend the morning going from campsite to campsite and grazing on everyones donuts.

Everything Butler's makes is the bomb, from their jelly to their apple filled to their Bostom Creme. Then there are basically two styles of regular frosted donuts, a cake donut that came with either chocolate frosting or vanilla, as well as with jimmies or without as well as a standard donut withe the same frosting options. They have a glazed that is to die for as well..... But the piece de la resistance is the Butler's Long John!! Think of a soft and sweet and sugar coated hot dog bun filled with fresh whip creme with a line of jelly filling underneath. A long john from Butler's eaten right after you buy it sitting in the car is pure heaven!

Anyway I am a slave to Dunkin Donuts coffee, but I have had no better donut in my 32 years than one from Butler's Donuts in Westport MA. And I was lucky enough to grow up right in the vicinity and have probably eaten over 1,000 of them over the years!!!

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