Good Luck Chuck - A 3 Minute Review

Went to see Good Luck Chuck this evening. Heck, I've been a Jessica Alba mark since the first episode of Dark Angel. I even ordered Paranoid, the year 2000 suspense movie she was in off of ebay years ago.

The movie was worthwhile overall, even though the plot was predictable as hell. There were some good jokes along the way and in my opinion Dan Fogler stole the show as Stu. Jessica Alba does her best to act like a dork and does her best to employ some physical comedy in the role. Plenty of naked breasts and Dane Cook having sex with random hotties throughout the film, along with raunchy humor.

Worth a look, but don't run.


Sara said...

Thanks for the review. I was wondering how it good it was.

Are you on Facebook by chance? There's a link on my blog and Shabooty has me on his friends list. Add me if you want, it's cool. ;)

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