University Park Lofts Worcester MA... Home Sweet Home

I've bitten my tongue for a couple weeks already, trying to give the developers of The University Park Lofts in Worcester the benefit of the doubt that they could run their business. But it that point the evidence is crystal clear that Brett Levy & Kathleen Buckley of HE&PG Realty LLC have dug themselves a whole so deep in their purchase and attempt to market The University Park Lofts at 21 Illinois St in Worcester that all they are interested in now is broken promises, a lawn that was not mowed for months, dead landscaping and promised roofdecks that seem like they will never happen.

As of today 8 of the 37 units here at University Park Lofts have been sold, with Crystal and I being the most recent purchase and that was over a month and a half ago. The Trustees have not been providing the maintenance required at the building. In the September 2005 Proposal by HE&PG Realty they state that the premises will have a, and I quote "8600 square feet of green space replete with benches, pergola, stone path and lawn areas." There was a problem with this though... A building stood on the grounds of this "proposed park", the building was demolished and the lawn areas consist of a drying lawn on top of building debris, pebbles, pieces of cement etc. Also the sprinklers were not turned on by management all summer and the lawn not cut for months.

As I type this now two unit owners are outside pulling weeds along the shrubs on Illinois St. On Friday night after work some of us pulled weeds along the main walkway and other people did on Saturday. Brett Levy and Kathleen Buckley you should both be ashamed of yourselves!

Crystal and I paid an extra $5,000 for the purchase of a roof deck here on the property. Some people who purchased almost a year ago bought roof decks. Guess what? They are yet to be built and probably will never be! Check out what the University Parks brochure has to say about the roofdecks back in September 2005.

"Adding roofdecks is a fabulous idea. Few loft buildings have roofdecks-- a serious missed opportunity given their popularity among buyers. This unique and powerful selling point is available in none of today's Worcester Loft Projects. With 360 degree panoramic views from the roofs of University Park Lofts, we are in a position to offer 26, 200 square foot roofdecks with 4' privacy fences.... Today's buyers seek outdoor living space, and these roof decks are particularly valuable... The entire project becomes more desirable and marketable due to the inclusion of roofdecks.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. The MAIN factor that Crystal and I had in moving here was the roofdecks. If this place did not have the roofdecks we, among others would not have bought here. The problem seems to be that Bret Levy the self proclaimed real estate mogul forgot the fact that they did not have handicap access to the roof. So for months Brett Levy, Kathleen Buckley and HE&PG Realty have been talking in circles, refusing to meet with owners, making false promised etc. because they are up against the clock. It seems that they will be claiming bankruptcy any day and don't want to put one penny into this place, let alone the roofdecks that they have been heavily marketing since 2005 that never came to fruition. Good job Brett Levy, you sure know how to run a business. This guy is also supposed to be a layer. I think he runs his law firm off of a cell phone in a broom closet in the basement of his 40 Court St. Boston address.

Luckily Crystal and I intend to be here for at least 5 years and the scumbags who have built this place will have long since scurried back into their holes. Hey Brett? The condo fees that you are supposed to be paying on our behalf for the next year? Show me the proof that that money is going into the condo account.... I bet you can't.

And Brett Levy and Kathleen Buckley... Bret please quit being a property developer. How many LLC's do you need to bankrupt? Kathleen, just go back to selling homes in the suburbs, you are way over your head when it comes to condo conversions.

Crystal and I made our bed by purchasing here, and we will lie in it and make it ours and enjoy our time. But the fact remains that Brett Levy and Kathleen Buckley as the Trustees of the University Park Lofts are not acting in the best interest of the unit owners.

Plenty more on their follies to follow.

Crystal's Take
University Park Website

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