RedBull Soapbox Derby Providence RI

Crystal and I drove down to Providence today to check out the Redbull Soapbox races.

All in all it was a pretty cool event. To start it off two skydivers jumped from a helicopter right into downtown Providence and skimmed the trees as they came to a perfect landing at the finish line.

The races were pretty cool, but a bit slow moving between runs. We couldn't see a jumbotron from where we were standing, so the 3 to 4 minutes between racers sometimes seemed long. We saw two pretty good crashes, a lobster and a Canadian beaver. The biggest cheers of the day were certainly for the Red Sox themed entry as well as an entrant from Swapscott MA that was a bathroom on wheels, shower and toilet and for the size of their craft they had the most speed of any soapbox that we saw come down the shoot.

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