It's a Cruel Cruel World, RIP Lonnie Heckman

Shaw Blades-When I See Beth Smiling

The Howard Stern superfan who penned the song "When I See Beth Smiling" passed away earlier this week.

It was only two months ago that Lonnie recorded "When I See Beth Smiling" and mailed it to the Stern Show with a sincere note that it should played be Howard and Beth's wedding. The song was played and goofed on in the studio, but the more it was played in passing days the more the crew began to like it. Some mornings Fred would play the song and Howard would sing along. Before long other groups were sending in cover version of the song which Howard would play on the air.

Four to five weeks ago Tommy Shaw of Styx and Jack Blades of Night Ranger who now tour as Shaw Blades were in studio and recorded the version of When I See Beth Smiling above.

Lonnie was 3 days away from seeing Shaw Blades preform his song live in concert when he passed away. Lonnie did call into the show a couple weeks back and had a nice conversation with Howard regarding the song. He casually mentioned that he was sick, but did not make it out to be any big deal.

I'm happy that Lonnie got some airtime and praise from Howard on air prior to his passing, and Howard gave him a heartfelt eulogy while on the air yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Lonny was my cousin and a very talented singer/song writer. I believe that God had bigger plans for him and that is why he was called home. Lonny always gave his whole heart in his music.

I am happy that his song, "When I See Beth Smiling", has gotten so much recognition.