University Park Campus School Worcester MA

The University Park Campus School in conjunction with Clark University is located 4 short blocks from my house. Since moving to this neighborhood I knew that the school was founded and developed with Clark University immersing kids from this supremely rough and tumble neighborhood into some serious high school coursework where beginning in their junior year they can begin taking courses at Clark for college credit.

I know that Clark was active in the Main South neighborhood and knew that the school was a great idea for the neighborhood, but I had no idea what a success the school and the program actually are.

I came across the article below in The Boston Globe earlier this week and was amazed by the numbers. The University Park Campus School has a dropout rate of virtually 0% and 89% score proficient or advanced on the MCAS test as compared with 31% in Worcester Public Schools and 54% statewide.

I thought this article and this awesome numbers were worthy of a tip of the cap from myself. Any seeds of knowledge and wisdom that can be sewn in this neighborhood and city are certainly welcome in my book.

Boston Globe Article
University Park Campus School

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Anonymous said...

Yes 4rilla, this is a GREAT school. I too live in this terrific Neighborhood as my family has been here for over 50 years. We have 1 child who attends this school. You only get in by good grades AND by lottery. The class work the Child brings home is very serious stuff.