4rilla's 2007 Zeitgeist

Tick tick boom, 2007 has pretty much left the station.

It was the first full year that Crystal and I spent living in Worcester, with a month of living in Connecticut thrown in the middle of the summer just to make things interesting. Since finally sealing the deal here at University Park in the summer the past 6 month flew by and fall quickly made way for winter.

Back in November I stopped working my evening job which has made life more enjoyable and certainly less stressful from a time and well being standpoint, but it was a nice cushion to have in my wallet that is no longer there. But that's ok.... At the same point in '08 I will begin to seriously look for a job closer to home to cut down on the commute, daily drive time and overall gas consumption. I sent my first resume for a Worcester based job earlier today.

I took all of New Years week off, except NYE day. Way to pick 'em. It's been snowing since around 8:30pm and there is probably an inch or two of the white stuff on the ground now and there will probably be 5" or so when I head to work at 6. I thought I was being smart last month when I made the decision to work the Monday. I figured Monday would be an easy day since it was NYE and I would only have to use 3 vacation days to get 6 days off. Now Mother Nature is playing tricks on me. I know in the last big storm while sitting in traffic I realized that I needed to have my camera on me. I think I'll bring it tomorrow to document what could be some crap traffic.

As far as the blog itself goes I am very happy to have found a very cool blogging community here in Worcester. Although I have yet to meet almost any of you formally as of yet that is something I look forward to in 2008. I've been excited to touch on topics that are going on here in Worcester, and hope to expand that more in the coming year, as well as take more pictures.

Overall I still get most of my traffic from people who are looking for pictures Miss Howard TV Amber Lee Ettinger, or pictures of Gary Dell'Abate's house or are wondering if Ned from the Bubba The Love Sponge Show is real or people who are Googling dance like a male stripper.

But I guess that is what this blog is about..... Howard Stern dancing like a male stripper while feeling up Miss Howard TV while riding the sybian in Worcester Common near the Turtle Boy Statue.

Oh and the Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots finished the regular season 16-0 and the Celtics are 25-3. Not that bad a year in Boston sports!

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And those of you from Worcester start your New Year right by checking out any of the blogs below!!

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shabooty said...

thanks homie
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

You met me at the dive.

4rilla said...


At this point you stand alone as the one Wo' blogger that I have in fact met at this point!

Anonymous said...

you should check www.worcesterlove.com too.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is...I think Duncan Brenden and Gabe some of the writers of those other blogs were all at the dive that night.
It could have been a Worcester blogger meet up with you and crystal.
That was a wicked geeky idea.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of worse meet up ideas.....I think Scott Zoback was there too

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