Bubba The Love Sponge Renews With Sirius...

This morning on The Howard Stern Radio Show on Sirius Bubba The Love Sponge flew in from the swamps of Tampa Bay to formally announce that he has signed a 1 year deal that will keep his show in the 3 to 7 afternoon drive slot on Howard 101.

The way Bubba and crew were working the fans the past month it looked as if this deal might not get done and Bubba would be headed back to terrestrial radio or take the show to podcast willie. Well, that is about half true as it was also announced later in the morning that The Bubba The Love Sponge show will also take over the morning drive slot on his hometown 102.5 The Bone as well as 104.5 in Jacksonville.

Bubba and crew had their syndicated show which was based out of Tampa dropped from the air in 203 when the FCC levied them with the largest one time fine in broadcast history.

As a listener to Bubba since he joined Sirius I can certainly tell that he has an affinity for the Tampa radio market and there is also a certain morning radio personality in Tampa that Bubba would love to knock off of their reigning #1 ratings spot.

It seemed that Sirius was putting up all kinds of roadblocks regarding Bubba's resigning, but over the weekend the King Of All Media intervened and got the deal complete.

I think it is a good deal all around and should not detract from the Sirius show all that much. It as not as if it is a watered down simulcast with terrestrial radio, instead they are two separate shows. Obviously there will be a fair amount of overlap and some topics may not seem as fresh in the afternoon, but the morning show, coupled with the long days are sure to bring more cheap heat and drama to the afternoon show as well.

I'm happy Bubba is back with Sirius for another year, the show is a nice companion to my evening drive home.

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