Tony Pierce is indeed The Blogfather!

It was sometime in late 2004 when I stumbled upon
the busblog
I was an immediate fan, Tony Pierce was saying and doing whatever he wanted. And he was pretty damn funny to. I was hooked, reading every day.

In the second post ever on this blog I credit Tony as being the reason I decided to give blogging a whirl. Since I've been reading the busblog I have watched Tony go from E! TV, to buzznet and then become the editor of LAist all while working undercover for the xbi.

Earlier today Tony
that he is leaving LAist to run all the blogs for The LA Times.

Congrats Tony. It couldn't happen to a more passionate writer!

And to the Worcester people/bloggers who may have never read Tony Pierce check out the links below, including the famed "How To Blog" post. In my opinion nobody does it better.

How To Blog
Tony Pierce dot com

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