Rachel Bilson Proclaimed Sexiest Woman In Hollywood By Howard Stern

As soon as I jumped in my car this morning at 6:30 and emerged from the garage I heard Howard Stern ready to bestow the title of "Sexiest Woman In Hollywood" on a new actress. Now I have been listening to Stern for over 15 years and sometimes I can totally guess where he is going to go with something before he even says it. Bilson on the cover of GQ caught my eye this weekend as I was walking thru the supermarket, she was always the hottest female on The O.C. in my opinion.

After seeing that Bilson was on the cover of GQ I had a sneaky suspicion that Howard was going to name her his flavor of the week. As soon as the thought popped into my head Howard mentioned seeing her in the new issue of GQ and named her one of his new Hollywood favorites. I won't fault him for fumbling a bit stating that she starred in "Dawson's Creek" and was the girlfriend of "Pacey" since the only difference between Dawson's Creek and The OC is about 5 years and the coast that the show supposedly took place in.

I also saw th preview for Bilson's new movie The Jumper, which opens on Valentine's Day and seems to be a decent looking thriller. Check out the preview below.

The Jumper Movie


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