Wild Willy's Worcester Outpost Review

The Worcester blogosphere has been rife with rave reviews of the newest Wild Willy's outpost here, located at 317 West Boyslton St. in Worcester. Crystal and I have been lucky enough to happen open Wild Willy's on two other random occasions, both times totally by chance.

Two summers ago we took a Sunday drive to Kittery Trading Post in Maine and after doing some shopping we were driving aimlessly looking for a spot for lunch. Next thing we knew we passed by a smallish building with an outdoor patio and a sign for Wild Willy's Burgers. Crystal and I are both big fans of burgers, so we knew this was the perfect spot to stop for lunch. The place was quite busy, and th owner Jim Williams aka Wild Willy was behind the counter. We had terrific tasting burgers and fries that day which left us more then full and fueled up for our ride back to Mass.

After taking in a Red Sox game this past summer we were taking the long way back to Worcester, and were contemplating where we might stop off to eat. Lo and behold from the corner of our eyes we spotted the Wild Willy's Watertown location. Our taste buds were energized with the taste from our initial Wild Willy's experience and we knew this is where we would be having an early dinner that day! I recall there was no wait on a Saturday afternoon, there was a minimal wait for the food and the burgers were delicious again.

Back in the fall I noticed a blurb in the Wo' Mag that Wild Willy's was coming to Worcester. Crystal and I met this news with some trepidation because we knew how good these burgers were and that having one so close by coupled with the fact of the reasonable price point can make Wild Willy's dinner more often than our waistlines would like.

So we stopped by the Worcester location this Saturday after some running around. The parking lot looked pretty full, and there was a line of about a half dozen people waiting to order. The line did move pretty quickly though and within 5 minutes we were ordering a "Wicked Good" with bacon for me and "Rio Grande" with guacamole for Crystal and two large fries. We were able to snag an empty table by the front windows and sat on down. I could overhear some conversations at other booths close to us and it seems that everyone was stopping in for their first time after Wild Willy's was recommended to them by a friend or family member.

Our burgers were both done just right, as were the fries. My burger had just the right amount of mushrooms and onions as well as a great mix of Swiss and Cheddar cheese. Crystal said that the roasted green chiles on her burger had the perfect amount of hotness and were a terrific topper for her burger. With a bill for two in the $20.00 to $25.00 range this is certainly the best durn burger joint in town!

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Pink Granite


Pink Granite said...

You're right! Wild Willy's is definitely dangerous to have so close by!
Thanks for the tip about the roasted green chiles and for the link!
- Lee

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