My Free Pot of Joffrey's Coffee

So about a month or so ago I saw a post on the I'm From Worcester blog regarding free coffee for bloggers from a company by the name of Joffrey's. Seemed quick and painless to me, just enter your blog information along with a mailing address and they would send you a free sample of coffee to test out and perhaps write about.

Now I am most certainly a coffee drinker. It used to be a couple/few "Great Ones" a day from Dunkin Donuts, but that was getting too expensive. For the past few years I have been home brewing coffee which I bring to work with me in a thermos. I brew a 10 cup batch each morning, two cups go into a travel mug for the 50 mile ride to work and the remainder goes into the thermos. I work a desk job, but I love bringing my construction type thermos into work with me.

For the longest time I would buy Dunkin beans and fresh grind them each morning. Over the past 6 months or so money has been getting a bit tighter and I was buying whatever was sale, but still buying decent brands. It has only been within the past three weeks that I broke down and bought a big tub of Maxwell House that was on sale at Price Chopper for like $5.99. Not that I am a coffee snob, I grew up in a house where both my parents drank Maxwell House instant (they still do until this day) and their coffee maker is only brought out on holidays. But anyway, back to the Joffrey's.

As I say I welcome any sort of free coffee and Joffrey's didn't disappoint. I brewed the coffee and then jumped into the car to go and pick up the Sunday paper from the lady who sells them on Main St. across from Clark University while Crystal was at home whipping up waffles with real maple syrup. The coffee was a fine compliment to the Sunday paper and waffles, not overbearing in its taste, no bitterness or aftertaste. It seemed to be a nice mild roast that would serve any coffee drinkers palette well. Thanks for the free pot of joe Joffery's!!!

Joffery's Coffee
I'm From Worcester Joffery's Post


Claudia Snell said...

It WAS good coffee wasn't it :-)
did you get a flavor too? I got "Jamaican Me Crazy" which is a carmel/vanilla flavor. I liked it because the flavor was there but wasn't overbearing.

Anonymous said...

I love the pic, my pretty lates make for nice visual

4rilla said...

Yeah Claudia I had the Jamaican Me Crazy too. No complaints from me.

And yes Crystal I thought the waffles on the old school plate looked mighty nice!

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