4rilla Approved Daytrip -- Portland ME

We started the long weekend off a day early. On Friday Crystal and I took a drive up to Portland, ME. We opted for the scenic route by traveling up the main drag known as Route 1 as opposed to just driving up 95.

We parked the car right in the heart of the Old Port district and in 2 minutes we found ourselves outside Vignola. Crystal has read about them in Yankee Magazine, their menu is changed weekly and they try to source all their foodstuffs thru organic Maine growers and farmers. Crystal was hoping for fiddleheads but they weren't on the menu.

We settled on a cheese plate to split and Crystal had a vegetable panini which was stuffed with every veggie under the sun and cooked just so, while I had Maine Brisket Hash with potatoes, parsnips and carrots with two poached eggs on top. Served up in a mound on a smoking hot skillet. Oh boy! That was a late breakfast spectacular.

From there we did some walking around checking out the shops before heading into Sebago Brewing Company to taste the wares. There were only two stools at the bar as it was the Friday lunchtime rush, but as luck would have it these two stools were next to the VP and Brewmaster. So within no time he was talking beer with us a pouring us a full flight of samplers. I was a big fan of the Lake Trout Stout and Crystal was all about the Barleywine.

Plenty of funky little shops that aren't totally touristy to keep the jaded occupied for the afternoon, before getting beers at Gritty's. Then a quick trip up the road to LL Bean and back home.

As they say, "Maine The Way Life Should Be"

Sebago Brewing Co.


Yankee Magazine said...

Glad you made it to Vignola - and glad you read about it in Yankee Magazine!
- Heather
(communications manager at Yankee)

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