Rock Solid

This will be the night that the 2008 Boston Celtics cemented their legacy in Boston and New England. I'm sure David Stern is ecstatic.

This game proved that the Celtics vs. Lakers rivalry lives on. Tonight the Celtics did what the Lakers could not do in game 2. And that was step up. In game 2 the Lakers came within a whisper of an all time great playoff comeback. This evening the Celtics looked adversity in the face put the leprechaun in their back pocket and scrapped back.

A 20 point lead became 11, 11 became 4 and 4 became even. The Celtics took the lead and didn't look back. Boston now holds a 3-1 series lead. Seeing a rivalry of my youth renewed right before my very eyes over the past week has been very cool. Back in the mid 80's the Celtics were the only thing going, minus the 86 Sox and some middle of the road Bruins teams. Boston was not used to the Championship of riches we have been enjoying and the Celtics were the team the city looked to.

I would enjoy nothing more than seeing them close this out on Sunday and win on the Staples Center floor. No need to make LA fly all the way back East.

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Chuck said...

You might be right 4rilla, but in the West we don't believe in silly things like defense...Celts did play a good game and I give them credit for it. It was just remarkable to watch four different teams play last night. Besides, I'm a Suns fan anyways, The ture kings of no defense and heartbreak. I think your boys will close in 5.