Saturday Morning Ramblings

It's 7:30 on Saturday morning and my first cup of coffee is beginning to shoot thru my veins. The house is quiet since Crystal is off doing some errands, so I thought it would be a good time to give the blog some attention.

I know I haven't been posting with the frequency that I would like over the past month, but things around here have just been so damn mentally draining. We will mark our first anniversary of moving into our place here at University Park Lofts in a couple weeks and if I could turn back the hands of time 365 days I would run from this building as if my name were Carl Lewis. I know we bought at the worst possible time anyway, but the fact that we unknowingly bought into a building with so many issues and defects and and dealt with a developer that was on the brink of default who claimed bankruptcy months later and a building that is 25% full with no condo association or Trustees has been emotionally and mentally draining as well as time consuming.

Over the past months I have spent hours writing strongly worded emails to everyone from the developer to the bank to other unit owners here. Some evenings I come home from work and there are 30 emails from various owners and entities that have to be read and possibly responded to. On most evenings by the time I am done with that -ish I want nothing more than a cold beverage and the remote control. It does not usually put me in the best blogging mode, and I have done my best to not take that misery and reflect it here. Who wants to read that shit? I'm sure people don't want to come here to read about my pity party.

Not that I want to make excuses for myself, but that's my excuse. Add a job with an ever expanding workload, a hundred mile daily commute and $4.00 gas to the bullshit that has been the issues here and it is a wonder that I am not on any prescriptions.

But I do know that this blog, whether I am writing about our weekend or posting Worcester-centric goings on or pop culture fluff pieces makes me feel better at the end of the day. And there are plenty of blogs out there that I read daily that post with such frequency that I get jealous, so I will do my damnedest to get in the mix a bit more.


Pink Granite said...

That's an awful lot of plates to keep spinning at one time!
Good luck with it all.
- Lee

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