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Well it seems the Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate may end up wishing that he did not join Artie Lange and company in Afghanistan as part of the USO Tour after all.

Earlier this week a link was posted on Stern Fan Network which went to an Artie Lange fan message board. Basically there was a posting from a soldier who met the boys in Afghanistan and came away with the impression that Gary was a bit on the dickie side of things. The soldier did understand that the guys were tired and out of their element but it seems that his few minutes with Gary could have been a bit better.

I will admit the soldier erred in asking them to sign a Jim Norton book,and Gary gave him a little grief for that. The soldier, who is still in Afganastan then began posting on SFN including a personal email he sent to Gary regarding the incident as well as Gary's response.

Earlier Gary established his own SFN account and posted his side of the story, complete with misspellings as only Bababooey can. Thank goodness we can get back to a live show on Monday!

Soldier's Original Post
SFN Thread

Email from soldier to Gary and Gary's Response:


Hey man, how is it going? Glad you are home safe. I met you at FOB Lindsey and I
wanted to let you know I wrote a story of the trip on Artie's website.

I really appreciated you guys coming here and I hope you come again. But just so you
know. I did mention that when we spoke, you came off like I was bothering you and
that is in the story. I also mentioned the Jim Norton book i asked you guys to sign
and how you said something about Opie and Anthony like I had offended you. If I did,
I apologize. We do not know who is coming until just days prior, there would be no
way to get a Howard Stern product for you guys to sign. Apparently, that has taken
off on the SFN as you refusing to sign the book at all. I tried to post a reply and
tell them that you did sign but I have to wait to be approved for posting. I also
mentioned that you guys were probably very tired and that you may have been
coordinating things for the guys.

Anyways, they are relentless over there and i thought I would give you a heads up.
Although I do feel disappointed in our verbal exchange, I really do appreciate the



I was actually having some major issues that night and I was on the phone
calling home trying to get some things worked out.
There was an article about us coming under mortar fire that was in the
paper and some of my family got pretty upset by it even though it was

Even people you hear on the radio have everyday problems to deal with

I was also pretty tired and not at all offended by the O & A thing.
I signed hundreds of pictures and spent every moment I had talking to
soldiers or just hanging. I was as accessible as one man could be.
I am little bummed out that you felt I was not being gracious enough since
that's what I came to do.

All the best.

Gary Dell'Abate
Howard Stern Show
Sirius Satellite Radio
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Gary's post on SFN about the ordeal:

Thisis Gary Dell'Abate from the Howard Stern Show.
Mutt helped me get a password and get on here.

I feel I have to respond to the e-mails that have beem posted by the soldier I met in Afghanistand.
In short order, here are the facts:

*I met him that night and was very gracious

*He asked me to sign a Jim Norton book and I made am observaton. I said, "Oh isn't that the guy from O& A. It was an observation, a comment...anything more he took from that is in his head

*I signed the book

*He asked me when Artie was goind to re sign and I told him we were all on board for 5 years. I was not snotty or arrogant. Anything else he took from this was in his own head.

*The gang was all inside in a little library area.I was outside, on the phone with my wife explaining the article that I heard might be in the news about us coming under mortar fire. I did not want her and my kids to read this without talking to me first. I assured her we were ok and calmed everyone down.While I was on the phone, someone came over to say hi and I shook their hand and said hi,
I then went inside and hung out for another 10 minutes. I signed about 25 pictures.

We then left.

Artie, Jimmy, Nick, Dave & I spent every moment we had hanging with the troops when we were not performing. We had breakfast , lunch & dinner with the troops. We drank with the troops.
We spent the entire day touring various facilities and just hanging around.
I thought we did a great job.

It appalls me that someone could take a great thing and try and turn it into his own little personal crusade.
We gave up our vacation, and I left my wife and kids for a week to volunteer our time.
I get it....the soldiers are putting there life on the line for us.
We saw that every day. I am in no way comparing myself to what they do.They are amazing.
But we did volunteer to go.

I can't imagine what kind of person would opt to piss all over that.
I also can't imagine the charachter of someone who would post personal e-mails without asking.

Thanks for the time,

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