Tropical Storm Hannah Flooding @ University Park Lofts

So all you Worcesterites know that it rained out of control for a while last night. so you know what that means? Flooded at parking spots here at University Park Lofts. Crystal and I made sure that we moved some items to higher ground and brought our bikes up the first floor landing. Then we waited.... We were upstairs watching a movie and it was raining pretty good. Every 15 minutes or so I would go out in the hallway to see if I could hear the telltale waterfall sound of water cascading into the elevator shaft. And around 9:45 there was the sound of the water!

Most of the owners hung out in the basement for a while watching the water levels, we all moved our cars outside because we thought levels might rise above our car doors. Luckily it never came to that! Crystal and I stayed out and about until about midnight chatting with people and brainstorming possible solutions once we have the authority to act.

Today was a moring of cleanup. Most of the water did recede; however it took a combined 8 manhours or so of wet vac'ing, sweeping and squeegeeing to get all the water out of there as seen in the video below.


Anonymous said...

Perfect opportunity to wash your cars!

4rilla said...

Yeah we all moved our cars out into the elements for that natural wash!