Girl Talk @ Lupo's Providence RI This Saturday PSA..

I just thought I would get this information out there in case it might help one person not get raped paying $75+ per ticket thru a broker or craigslist.

I had been trying to get a couple folks to come out to see Girl Talk at Lupo's on Saturday night. I finally got their confirmation on Sunday during the Patriot's game on Sunday. Late in the afternoon on Sunday there were still tickets available online. When I went to purchase them around 11pm last night it would not let me add three tickets but it would let me add just one. Within another 10 minutes the website was now showing SOLD OUT! I went to bed bummed.

This show was going to be extra special since this show is being play at Lupo's at The Strand and The Strand in Providence is where I first started going out dancing back in like 1994/1995 before I got into the rave scene. One of the guys I am going with I actually met at The Strand back in those days and we became best friends dancing everywhere from rave parties up and down the East Coast and Canada all the way to the beaches of Ibiza Spain in the summer of 2000. I thought it would be awesome to take everything back full circle and take our old creaky 30 something year old bones to the dancefloor at The Strand where it all began about 13 or 14 years ago.

So I called the Lupo's box office when they opened today and the girl who answered confirmed that yes indeed the show is sold out. She did tell me to try calling FYE since they are a Lupo's ticket agent and they may not have gone thru their allotment yet. I called FYE and sure enough they said they were still selling tickets, so I jumped out of my desk and hopped into my car down to the FYE closest to my work and scored 3 tickets with no problem.

So if you want to check out Girl Talk on Saturday night and procrastinated buying your tickets call FYE before you throw in the towel or buy tickets at inflated prices!! I'll see you on the dancefloor!

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