L is for Lazy...

This has shaped up to be the epitome of a lazy Sunday afternoon. I rolled out of bed at 10 minutes of noon, made a pot of coffee and hit the couch for some NFL pregame clad in comfortable clothes and slippers. I usually get the Sunday paper but even the task of trudging out in the clod to get the paper and then the act of reading it seemed like tasks I would rather not accomplish today.

Just finished watching the Bills/Jets game. Way to fumble the game away JP Losman, fuck! I had a hot fudge sundae for lunch during halftime and Crystal is doing some homework and listening to Christmas Carols. What more can you ask for than football, ice cream and coffee and an afternoon of supreme laziness.

Unfortunately it can't last all day because we are scheduled to usher the Terry Fator show tonight at the Hanover and we have to be there at 5:30, which means I will miss most of the Patriots and have to catch up with the Survivor finale on Tivo when we get home.

We worked at Hanover last night too, we were the two assigned folks to run Lisa Lamapanelli's merch table. We were still able to catch almost all of her show from the upper balcony. She pulled in a crowd of 1,700 which is pretty good for Worcester and a Saturday night in this economy. It sounded like the Theatre was happy with the turnout. The crowd was an interesting mix, a bunch of groups of gay guys, couples of all ages and varieties and then a fair amount of groups of high school kids who came with one parent. I had gave my parents a pair of tickets as their Christmas present, they came up early and we went and caught dinner at Roma's beforehand.

Lampanelli's set was dirty as all hell, no surprise there though as she ragged on each and every ethic group and minority in the crowd in front of her. Leaving no swear unsaid she had the crowd rolling thru her set. She had a couple funny lines about flying into ORH the Worcester Airport earlier today asking "What the fuck is up with that piece of shit airport you have here in this city." After the show she came out to the merch table to sign autographs and take pictures. Crystal and I worked the merch table while she signed DVDs, tshirts, ticket stubs and whatever else folks put in front of her. There was quite the line but she was totally cool joking with everyone who came thru line and posing for multiple pictures. Afterwards I spoke with her for a brief minute letting her know that I think she is hilarious when she is on the Bubba The love Sponge Show and about her co hosting the Lisa G cookie party for Howard 100 last week. She threw me an autographed DVD and Crystal scored a Dirty Girl tshirt.

Ugh, almost time to get ready to head out for tonight's show although both of us would like to do nothing more than stay sitting on the couch!

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