Paying Catch-up

Ugh... I've had a headcold since Thursday so my normal before bed blogging time was replaced by random internet clicking in a Theraflu Night Time haze a few of the past nights.

Anyway, after 2 weeks without heat finally was restored on Friday night and the house is back to normal and the extension cords and tiny heaters have been packed up and the ladder made its way back downstairs. The elevator here has been out of commission for the past week. We got two quotes last week and will get one final one tomorrow before choosing what company will do the repair. Between the elevator and the heat we are looking at about $800 in unexpected bills this month. Merry Christmas!!

On Saturday night I was lucky to go with Crystal and her mom to volunteer at an ABC Extreme Home Makeover that is going on this week in CT. Mostly we worked in the food tent serving meals to hungry workers and we also moved 6 or 8 pallets filled with cases of water from CVS via a human chain of people that was at least 40 deep. The real spectacle was the sheer amount of heavy equipment at the job site in the middle of nowhere CT all working at the same time in such close quarters. The logistics and so many people working in unison was pretty crazy to see.

I then came home and watched Manny Pacquiao dominate and destroy Oscar de la Hoya and I called a Pacquiao TKO in the 8th before the fight started. Oscar failed to get off the stool for the 9th round, talk about nailing that one.

Today I slept in and took it easy while getting some odds and ends accomplished and watched the Partiots eke out a close win over the Seahawks. Back to the grind in the morning!

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