University Park Lofts 1st Annual Christmas Hoedown

I'm just home from the 1st Annual University Park Lofts Christmas Party which made the rounds of the building this evening. This party attracted a pretty good crowd made up of the majority of the Original Eight, a new renter, as well as the most recent owner.

It seems like everyone had a better time than they expected coming into it. This building needs more frequent events such as this. Pre-dinner cocktails and
snacks were had on the 3rd floor before sitting down to salad with greens, grapefruit, scallops and raisins followed up by some pink prime rib, mashed potatoes etc.

After the main course we headed down to the first floor for German Chocolate Cake, cheesecake and Christmastime Standards amongst plush furnishings and stained glass lighting in the biggest unit of the building. A bunch more red wine and a Grand Mariner to wrap up.

From there it was up to the 4th floor to see how the most recently sold unit was looking one month after purchase. The owner just picked up two super cute brother kittens just last night so we hung out and played with the kitties and enjoyed a Magic Hat.

This was a good way to wrap up the holiday, enjoying a bit of time with neighbors within the building.

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