Main South CDC Houses Fail New ShovelGate Standards

On Friday Jeff at Wormtown Taxi did an extensive city wide drive-by to see who was and was not shoveling their sidewalks according to the newly imposed City Council guidelines.

One of the properties that failed the test were the unsold Main South CDC houses over on Hollis Street. We had a bit more snow overnight on Friday into Saturday morning and this morning when I went out for the Sunday paper I figured I would take a drive by the Main South CDC houses to see if shoveling had been completed.

As you can see in the photos above it has not, also the Main South CDC garage had not been shoveled either. This puts these properties in violation of the new city ordinances. What a shame that Main South CDC can not dispatch a worker to shovel their sidewalks as mandated by the city council.

Here are the "goals" of the Main South CDC snipped right from their very own website:

# Maintain and develop safe, decent and affordable housing with the intention of expanding rental and ownership opportunities for the current and future residents of the target area.
# Maintain and enhance the physical image of the neighborhood.
# Instill neighborhood pride and develop a social cohesiveness.

I guess they miss on all three points by not clearing their sidewalks.... The lack of shoveling does not "develop safe housing in the target area" or "maintain and enhance the physical image of the neighborhood" or "instill neighborhood pride and social cohesiveness". Fail on all three counts!!!

Why does a non-profit organization feel they are above the new ordinance?

Wormtown Taxi


Anonymous said...

There's a Robert Moylan whose sidewalk is also not shoveled and there is also a Robert Moylan DPW commissioner....any nexus here ???

You cant make this stuff up!

Paulie's Point of View said...

drive down Mason Street..two Worcester Common Ground properties are also in violation..the vacant lot and the duplex across the street...

same goes for Winfield Street..owner of vacant lot has offices across the street and on the inside of the window is one of those "People are not the Problem, Poverty is"..Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES?! Theres no one living in the damn things, and you went by the morning after it snowed, chill out.

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