Cirque Dreams, Cupcakes & Beer

So this afternoon Crystal and I were ushering at the matinee of Cirque Dreams" Jungle Fantasy at The Hanover Theater. We have both been feeling a bit under the weather with Crystal feeling the brunt of it. She tried to talk me into not going to usher, and was going to stay home and boycott bit at the last minute she decided to tough it out and go.

Full house of 2,200 for the Saturday matinee, I know Friday night was sold out and I and guessing that the Saturday night show was sold out as well. The show was pretty decent. Certainly a cut below Cirque Du Soleil overall, but that was to be expected. The acrobats, contortionists and other performers were adequate but the show certainly lacked a cohesive soundtrack. There was a tree who played the violin and Mother Nature singing some eye glazing lyrics to a second rate new age techno beat and they were supposed to guide the audience thru this jungle filled with fantasical creatures. Not so much.

The skills of the performers and the day glo and sequins on their getups made it easy to forget about the sub par soundtrack and focus on their superb tumbling, balancing, contorting and aerial abilities. Plus there were some cheeky bits of fun mixed in including these emu's with human legs and a human arm for a neck and head that would spontaneously hump each other! Good clean fun!

After leaving The Hanover we went to Sweet Bakery on Shrewsbury St, to pick up some cupcakes. I had a peanut butter and chocolate one earlier this afternoon and about 20 minutes ago devoured a peanut butter and jelly.

We then went and had two early quick ones at The Dive Bar's Anti-Valentine's Day party before calling it a night.

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