Shepard Fairey Arrested In Boston Tonight

So Crystal and I were at the ICA tonight to see Shepard Fairey and Z-Trip man the decks at The Obey Experiment. Z-Trip took the stage first shortly after 10pm which I found a little strange because I figured he would be the closer, but I didn't pay it much mind since it was Shepard's show and started getting my dance on. Sometime around 11pm Z-Trip gets on the mic and announces that Shepard was arrested by Boston Police tonight so he won't be joining us. Menino let Shepard through a 25 foot Peace Goddess mural on the side of City Hall and the Boston PD picks him up on 2 warrants on his way into the party that kicks off his show at the ICA which will run in their fine city thru August.

I'm sure Boston PD will say they had to act tonight because Shepard was leaving town after this event or something like that. How lame. Interested to see what these warrants are for. At least Z-Trip didn't slow down and rocked the museum with a solo set for 3 solid hours! Link below to the Boston Globe article about the arrest.

Shepard Fairey Arrested


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