Busblog Fantasy Baseball Draft Recap

Earlier this afternoon I was part of Tony Pierce's busblog fantasy baseball draft. The league ended up being stacked with 16 teams which made for a long draft and 25 players taken between your picks in some rounds.

I'm feeling ok about my picks, I sort of worked my way from the center of the infield out securing elite 2B and SS off the bat in Reyes and Pedrioa. Being a Red Sox fan I took an early bite at Ortiz, knowing he would be gone next time around. I don't mind picking up some hometown guys at a slight premium.

in the 4th and 5th rounds I picked up Aubrey Huff and Garrett Atkins they both qualify at both 1B and 3B and I place a big premium on that type of versatility. With those two picks I solidify 25 HR, 100 RBI and a .290 average from the corners.

On to the outfield for the 6th and 7th taking Ryan Ludwick and Raul Ibanez. I'll admit that last year both Huff and Ludwick were on my team and had monster years, and I went with them both again this year.

It was now time to round out the pitching and outfield as I picked up Adam Wainwright, Jason Werth, Derek Lowe, Josh Johnson and Trevor Hoffman, and Mike Gonzalez. No elite SP or RP to be sure, but Wainwright and Lowe can both come up with 15W and Hoffman for 25+ saves.

The later rounds were made up of serviceable players with highlights including Jeremy Hermida, Joe Saunders and Yadir Molina behind the plate. This is a decent framework to begin the long fantasy baseball season which will be won on the waiver wire.

I'm also in Tony's busblog2 league which is drafting a week from Monday at 11:30PM Eastern. But I have Monday and Tuesday off and will be in the midst of a four day weekend, so the Monday night start time won't be bad.


shabooty said...

i used to do fant bb but havent in years =p
too much upkeep =)
the funny part is i havent done basketball either in forever and now i only know the super stars in the NBA when growing up as a kid nba was my fav sports/league.

now its football obvs.

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