Konnie Lukes = EPIC FAIL

Thanks to the Daily Worcesteria crew who are running a live blog on this fine saturday morning from the City Council "retreat" at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. The gem of the day is this comment from our esteemed mayor:

"blogs aren't worth paying attention to"

According to The Daily Wuss the council's thoughts on us "silly bloggahs" amounts to:

"a small group of people who aren't necessarily representative"

And if that is the way the sitting city council wants to think that is fine with me, it certainly makes it easier to decide where to cast my votes. The "silly bloggahs" should pull papers to run for council even if we don't return them with signatures. I would do it just to see them sweat a bit.

The bloggers aren't representative? Anyone with a computer and internet access can start a blog my friends, there is a pretty low barrier to entry.... You want to know what is not representative of this city? The faces sitting on the city council. That is what.

If they want to discredit the concerns of blogs and bloggers why should I believe they would want to follow thru on the concerns of any single resident who calls or emails their councilor with a concern? They are just one person right? If we are not worth paying attention to why are we brought up at almost every meeting as of late Ms. Lukes?

Konnie's Comment


Tracy Novick said...

One of us already has pulled papers, 'though not for City Council:

And I'm not kidding, either.

Unknown said...

It's akin to a politician saying that letters to the editor aren't important or that people who show up at meetings aren't representative because they're activists.
When I was a newspaper reporter, politicians were eager to talk to me and would get upset if I didn't highlight their speeches in my coverage of a town meeting. Fast forward 30 years and we become non-entities because we continue to write and report, on our own dime, in a new way.
As I suggested to Jeff, I bet half the people in the county couldn't name the mayor of Worcester.

4rilla said...

More power to you Tracy...

I'll be showing you both virtual world and real life support to you School Committee bid!