The Free Art Season Has Begun!

Keep your eyes peeled.

Although I have yet to see a piece "in the wild" the Free Art Worcester experiment that began last summer has returned for another go round. As a lover of graffiti and street art I do nothing but give props to the person(s) behind Free Art Worcester for adding some color, funk and DIY sensibilities to the streets.

FREE ART DECLARATION (from their blog):

FreeArtWorcester creates original works of FreeArt from recycled and reclaimed materials to distribute the power of art which includes but is not limited to: smiles, chuckles, warm fuzzy feelings, euphoria, dancing, inquisitiveness , exchanging ideas etc.

FreeArtWorcester will do everything in its power to distribute, display and mount all of its FreeArt in a way that will not permanently deface or destroy public or private property or the natural environment.

FreeArtWorcester will photograph all its FreeArt creations and these photos will then be displayed here on this blog to allow comments to be made about the artwork. All comments, encouragement and constructive criticism is welcome. FreeArtWorcester is not responsible for its FreeArtwork once it is found/removed by a member of the public from its location.

FreeArtWorcester is an anonymous entity who enjoys making art and sharing it with others FOR FREE, none of the FreeArtwork is for sale and should never be exchanged for money.

Free Art Worcester


FreeArtWorcester said...

Thanx so much for the shout out, we're glad you enjoy!

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