Phish In Worcester? Secret Show? or just pratice?

A couple hours ago some murmurs about a Phish secret show came across my tweetdeck "worcester" search. Phish take their musical stylings and rabid fanbase inside Fenway Park this Sunday night for one show, and it seems that Phish might be getting loose at The DCU Center in preparation.

Carlspackler chimed in with this on a Phish fansite around 10:30 tonight:

I went to Worcester at about 930, drove by Tammany a couple times, the only thing I saw there were about 5 people standing outside and a few others driving by slowly.

Then went to DCU and walked around. TOO FUCKING FUNNY seeing about 10 obvious phanners walking around also. Everybody peering in windows and doors. The stage is definitely set up, and a drumset is visible as reported earlier in the thread. As I walked around the building I saw a DCU employee on his phone outside and here was our exact exchange:

I asked him, "Hey is there a band in there?"
her replied, "nope"
me- "you sure"
him-"Yeah, it's just a stage setup, they'll be here tomorrow"

so, looks like I'll stop by tomorrow also and stick my ear to the door. Also, red 'upstaging' moving trucks were in full effect outside the venue.

Another poster weighed in with:

It was a fun night but I too left Tammany in defeat with tboy1976 (it was great hanging with you, M, & L!). First time I ever met anyone from PT.

Tomorrow I'll just stick to listening outside down at the DCU -I live within walking distance of the DCU, so for me it's simple.

The band is expected to practice tomorrow (don't have a confirmed time) and possibly Saturday. Don't rush to Woosta -I can't say it's really worth it for anyone to come down here tomorrow. The real blowup is Sunday for sure (get there early!! -someone confirmed that it can be VERY slow getting inside Fenway).

Was my night worth it? Absolutely! It was a hoot to wander around the DCU with phish playing inside, I met some wonderful phans, and now I'm even more psyched for the tour.

Tammany Hall was also mentioned as a spot where Phish might take the stage tonight. tboy1976 reported from Tammany with the following around 11pm:

Alright still reporting from deep inside tammany - hip hop hip hop some dude passed out cold on a table to the left - lots of phans in here good atmosphere but starting to feel defeated.

Talked to tje owner of the club asked "where's the phish" he said "I wish I knew". He said he has been getting calls all day about this, I asked "if they were coming would you know" and he said if they were coming to play yes he would know if just to hang out he said most likely he would have no clue.

I am stayin till midnight and if nothing happens I am out!

I'm going to guess that they will be practicing at The DCU tomorrow (obviously) and possibly Saturday. I'll hold out hope for an interesting weekend with the possibility an undercover Phish show going off somewhere that I can get to within 7 minutes.

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