The Hundred In The Hands / Deluka / Moneypenny



So I am in brooklyn for the next week starring in "Adventures in Dogsitting" with absolutely no plans other than strolling with Liadan and keeping her diverted from the fact that her mother is on the other side of the atlantic ocean. Besides that my schedule is wide open, so last night I decided to check out a show featuring nothing but bands I have never heard of. I knew the night was leaning towards electro tinged rock and the price was right so I ventured over to Cameo Gallery tiny box of a space which is hidden thru a door by the bathrooms at the back of The Lovin Cup cafe.

I ended up impressed with all 3 bands that I saw step up on the stage. Moneypenny is a female duo out of Chicago that featured songs about sex and rebellion swirled thru Korg beat machines and cowbell. Deluka is a guitar heavy foursome from the UK who laid down a seriously hard driving pop groove, with piped in synth sounds and distorted electro guitar this was way more danceable then you might have expected.

The night ended with brooklyn's own The Hundred in The Hands. One guy, one girl all business. Sometimes airy and spacy with the help of soaring female vocals but then hard driving and raging at just the right times.

It would have been pretty easy to stay in on the couch, but for $10 I enjoyed 3 bands that I have never heard of before in quite the cozy venue. Thumbs up all around.


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