CSX lying in their press releases to look like better neighbors?

Beyond Our Rails speaks of camera install at Boys And Girls Club Worcester, MA

Last week I was doing some research on CSX in regards to the trash issue I have been dealing with for the past 3 years here behind University Park Lofts. I came across this blurb on Beyond Our Rails.org which is the CSX touchy feely green, safety and giving website in regards to cameras being installed on the backside of The Boys and Girls Club pointed on the train tracks.

CSX Supports the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester
$5,000 Donation

6/1/2009 in WORCESTER, MA — Gift of Hope donation. This club is the largest youth development organization in Central Massachusetts & impacts more than 4000 kids with academic support, after school activities, and positive recreation alternatives to disadvantaged youths. The facility for the boys and girls club adjoins CSX ROW. By allowing cameras to be installed and pointed at the tracks will be helping CSX in a strategic initiative in limiting trespassing. The myriad of educational opportunities, after-school/summer programs and mentorship opportunities help garner positive brand name recognition as well.

The Boys and Girls club is located about a third to quarter of a mile from my place as the tracks head to Worcester Intermodal Terminal. This is the first that I have ever heard of these supposed cameras. If memory sort of serves me it was last summer as well, right around the time of this press release when some of us folks here in the building about, trash, graffiti and other issues revolving around this stretech of CSX tracks. At that time Barbara basically said that there were some discussions tacking place with CSX about cameras, but that it would be a while in the making. She also stated that CSX "didn't have a power source" and she would see what could be done about a collaborative effort, as far as allowing CSX to mount the cameras on or near out building and tap in to our power source. Everything would be state of the art, piped right into the WPD, and all that goes with it. Once the Fall rolled around the Trustees here pretty much never heard from Barbara again.

There are NO MENTIONS of these cameras anywhere online besides the CSX website, and sure that this is the type of thing that would have been put out there in the T&G. So if anyone can prove to me that cameras are installed I'll retract this post. But in the meantime I will go on record as saying that these cameras don't exist. Or is it common practice for CSX to press release something a year before it happens?

Beyond Our Rails speaks of camera install at Boys And Girls Club Worcester, MA

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