Contender Finale

Well Well Well...

I was totally rooting for Peter Manfredo Jr. to win the million dollar payday on tonight's final episode of The Contender. But I have to hand it to Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora for really taking it to Manfredo. Mora just flat out wanted it more. I guess $1,000,000 payday and the chance to get your familia out of East LA will give you the "Eye of The Tiger" so to speak.

Things got a bit down and dirty when Manfredo hit Mora late after the bell at the close of the second round. I thought NBC might be getting a call from the FCC but the censor was quick on the trigger while Sergio was mouthing off to Manfredo's corner later in the fight. We encountered some dead air for a few seconds there.

It's a shame this show won't be coming back, I'd like to see it next season with some heavyweights or light heavyweight contenders. Come on WB or UPN pick this thing up, it should at least bring you more ratings than Britney's Chaotic!

And I'll make my bold prediction that Bo Bice is your next American Idol!

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