Tony Pierce And His Broomstick!!

I was just checking out Tony Pierce's blog as I do each day and was frusrated at yet another way that "the man" is trying to keep us good folk down. What is more American that going to see the baseball team you grew up rooting for taking on and potentially sweeping another team in their own ballpark. Of course it would be a ton of fun to bust balls of the home team fans while waing your broom in the air and letting out your "Sweep Sweep" chant.

Sounds as All-American as the 9 inning game, the 90 feet between bases, the overpriced beers and sweaty hotdogs. But the "PC" America doesn't want us to have any fun! I guess it is A-OK to sell guns and ammo in a crowded Wal-Mart, but don't bring a broom to Dodger Stadium, or any other MLB Park for that matter.

I was at a Sox/Blue Jay's series at Skydome a couple years back and the Sox swept the series. I wanted to bring a broom but figured I wouldn't be able to get it through the turnstiles. Not even in laid back Cananada. There was a big sign hanging in dead centerfield that last game that said something along the lines of "No Sweeps Allowed". My buddy and I tore it down in the 8th and got it down to the point where it just said "Sweep" and carried it around for the remainder of the game and around the CN Tower aferwards. I believe it was later this very same afternoon that we were escorted off a Northwest flight back to Boston due to unruly behavior.

But that is a story for another day!!

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