Ortizzle Comes Through Again!

After the baseball related post below I figured I would relay my Red Sox listening experience this afternoon. It was a day game, which is a great treat on a weekday as long as everything is going smoothly because I get to listen to the whole game while at work.

The game was pretty uneventful for the most part, Ramirez did ground out with the bases loaded in the 7th inning and then in the 9th inning the Orioles take the lead playing some smallball. Keith Foulke seemed to continue his unimpressive streak giving up the lead in an inning and a third.

In the bottom of the ninth Bellhorn came through when it counted with a one out single. Youk then struck out and the Sox were down to there last out. Renteria came to the plate (and yes I did pick him up on waivers in my Fantasy League right before he went on his tear) and laid down a BUNT SINGLE. Yes a Boston Red Sox player lays down a bunt single to get on and advance the runner with two outs in the bottom of the 9th! Will wonders ever cease!

At this point Ortiz comes to the plate and it is 4:28 on my clock at work, two minutes left in my workday and the game is on the line. At this point stupid me closes out of all my open computer applications and log off. You know that crazy electical interference that takes place when your computer goes from black screen to the log on screen? Well that happens to me during the 2-1 count. I can hear static and what is possibly the winning hit. The problem clears up just in time to hear Joe call it "Back, way back" and the Sox win with a walk off in the 9th.

With that it was 4:32 and the end to a pretty decent workday!

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