Howard Stern Dumped by E! ???

There is some news circulating on the internets that E! has bagged the Howard Stern show and all E! staffers were relieved of their duties as of Friday. First Tony Pierce and then Howard Stern. What are these fools thinking!

Anyway the writing seemed to be on the wall for a while, and Howard mentioned as recently as today that the studio at Sirius is going to have room for cameras for the TV show and the whole bit. That just makes it look all the better for the TV version of the radio show to move to HBO or Showtime, and I am all about that. The E! show bleeps so much stuff that isn't even offensive it's crazy. And they are too cheap to pay for the rights to songs for "Stump The Booey" and you just hear the stupid Jeopary music.

Good riddance E! I'm sure you will have great success with Jenny McCarthy and Party at the Palms!

Hopefully the deal between HBO/Showtime and Stern/Sirius will put some money in the Sirius coffers and prop up the bottom line a little bit. Anything to juice the SIRI stock at this point!

Anyway I'm writing this post while sitting on my back porch cooking Turkey Burgers and Turkey Filets on the grill. Gotta go!


Melissa said...

The E! show is kinda stupid.. They do bleep a lot of stuff. The E! show is all I've got since I won't be able to hear the show on the radio until January when he goes to Sirius. I can't wait 'till he moves to Sirius!!

tony said...

In LA there were only two guys dedicated to Howard (stuart and al) and they both knew the time was going to come.

The E! show was really good at times and of course it could have been better if E! realized that they were on the very same cable as Comedy Central and F/X who have no problem with "dirty" words and occassional nudity. Apparently E! didnt want to have to deal with whatever headache they thought they were going to have to deal with if they omg allowed the f word to be aired via cable at midnight.

the next show will be bigger and better and it will probably employ all of the E! people in NY and LA.

Anonymous said...