You read it here first! Stern dumped by E!


I must say I feel special. Yesterday I posted the news that there were some rumblings that Howard Stern's E! show was on the way out. And today it is proved to be the case. The E! show is coming to a close after an 11 year run.

My little blog here usually gets under 5 hits a day and I saw my traffic spike all evening and I ended up with something like 90 hits yesterday! Behold the power of Stern!! I'm such a big fan, I'll talk about Howard on here most days if it brings some traffic. I work in a postion that allows me to listen all of "The Show" allmost every day. I've been listening since the first night he started airing in Boston back when I was like in 7th grade. At that time 'BCN in Boston did not want to displace their morning man and Stern's morning show aired at night, 7pm to 11pm I think.

But back to the E! show. The E! show has gone downhill over the past few years relying way too heavily on the strippers, Score's girls and Pam Anderson interviews. As much as we all love seeing some hottie in the Robospanker or the tickle chair (Maria Menounos) Howard is at his best when just doing some straight up interviews, or when the crew is interacting with each other and being the big dysfunctional pseudo-family that they are.

So we bid adieu to Doug Goodstein, Mike Gange and Robin Radzinski and the rest of the E! staff. Hopefully you will resurface at Spike or HBO.

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