Maybe I can relax now...

Must be one of those days.

I spent most of my evening doing Corporate Financial Management homework. You have got to love those 5 week classes. The past few have been a little heavy on the homework for my taste. But what can you do about it. My back is kind of sore from sitting on the couch haphazardly doing homework most of the evening.

Is it o.k. that both "Beauty & The GeeK" and "Dancing with the Stars" made my homework more bareable tonite? I would have liked to see Holyfield and his hot dance partner stay on a few more weeks. Can you believe the judges like Rachael Hunter. I think her ego is big enough without winning this show. And she always sucks when she is on Howard.

Red Sox win, that makes it 4 in a row.

The penny stock market is going to make me sick. I buy SUOG last week for .044, it drops to.04 the next day and I sell for a loss. It's a week and a half later and the thing hits .10 today. I never sell too early. I usually hold to long and get screwed. In this instance I sold off after a small drop to preserve my capital rather than get caught not selling and end up holding the bag. And the thing rockets upwards. Isn't that the way.

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