Bumpernuts..... Anyone else ever seen these on the road??

Anyone else ever seen a set of these on the highways lately?

D and I saw them on a van for the first time a couple months back. We got a good chuckle out of seeing these lifelike balls swinging to and fro' on a trailer hitch! We have since seen the van around town twice since then. Every time I see them I say I want to google it when I get home, but as always I space it out.

I was just checking out the blogshares website and what do I see? A banner ad for Bumpernutz! Why didn't I think of this one? Nothing like selling a hunk of molded rubber in the shape of testicles for $24.99! I also saw that this little site is listed and trading at $.42, yay for me!



Bill German said...

i miss winchester. where are you from?

4rilla said...


Currently in Attleboro MA and grew up in lovely Fall River.

Your site is pretty damn snazzy, some kick ass photos and a good slice of CA life.

Bill German said...

fall rivah reminds me of jodie foster in that movie where she was raped on a pool table. thanks for the comment. my fav stock picks are adrx and hgsi. are you a stock broker, wait cattleboro ma? lets see, ah i am lost

Bill German said...

yeah, lilac wine

4rilla said...

That bar was in New Bedfit not Fall Rivah!

Fall Riverite's don't want to be associated with New Bedford.

Not a broker, but I work within the Financial Services Industry. I try to keep myself aware of what is moving the market, and I make my picks with the money I can put together every month.