How Not To Make A Drink!

All I wanted to do was pour myself a drink and jump on the laptop with a little update.

I grab two ice cubes and throw them in the tumbler, make them swim in some Captain Morgan's Coconut Rum. Whoops, the icy bottle straight out of the freezer slips through my fingers and onto the linoleum.


There was only about one drinks worth of liquid in there, so the whole damn .75 liter bottle shatters into 1 and 2 million little shards. Out with the papertowels and dustpan and broom . Little pinches on the bottoms of my feet. Just a hint of blood, no biggie. The kitchen will get a good scrubdown tomorrow and I'll get any strays.

At this point I realize that there are a sinkful of dishes to get done as well as a load of laundry that has to make it's way from the washer to the dryer. So now it's about 20 minutes later and I have my drink. On the bright side the kitchen sink will be empty in the morning and I'll have some clean clothes for the gym.

As far as the praying mantis goes, he snuck into the house earlier in the evening and was getting stalked by one of the cats. D and I tried to scoop up the mantis safely and get it out of paws reach, but it ended up jumping on the cat's back. It then jumped onto the kitchen counter and onto D's back! I ran to get my camera but it was on an idiotic mode and all I could come up with was a couple blogger blur shots. The one below was taken once we got him back outside and into the darkness.

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