Picked Up a Money Tree Today

Is it already working magic?

It could be. Within about an hour and a half of buying it today at Lowe's Destiny found some folded money while we were walking into BJ's Wholesale. Yes! Two $5.00 bills folded up. The money tree cost $12.00 and it already gave us back $10.00. Not a bad deal. Keep the greenbacks coming!!

Tomorrow we are going on a fact finding mission to the Raynham Flea Market. I am probably going to bring along my camera.

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Bill German said...

whenever I got back to winchester, my friends always drag my ass into bj's wholesale stores. everything is big, the aisles, the megahuge boxes of stuff, even the checkout lines are bizarre. I did make some good cash trading the stock. There was strange option volume with no open interest last year and it made no sense. I file that one under "mafia stocks"