I'm on VACATION!!!!

Sho' nuff people.

I've got this whole week off. It is officially Monday at this point I and I don't have any work to get up for in the morning! Monday seems to be the nicest day of the week weather wise, with temps set to hit the low 90's tomorrow.

D and I are going to hit the gym in the early morning and then head down to Middletown R.I. and hit up the beach for a few hours to escape the heat. Should be good times. With the hurricanes churning down to the south there sould be some decent waves. If that is the case I'll bust out the boogie board and have a little fun. MMmmmmm the beach and some Del's frozen Lemonade. Sounds good to me.

I'll bring some pretzels for the seagulls too. Last time we were at the beach we saw a seagull with one leg. I'll be on the lookout for him and hook him up with some snacks!

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