The Lightning Round....

I'm sitting here for the second night in a row watching the midnight edition of Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC. I usually catch the 6pm version, but since I'm on off from work this week I have not been around. But I need my Lightening Round, Skee-daddy!! Well enough of that.

D and I went to the local zoo today. We got to see a river otter throw up, and 5 seconds later he was doing backflips into the water. Yummy. There were some small deer type things, their name slips my mind at the moment, but we slipped them some carrot pieces and they happily chomped them down. Fed some llamas and a billy goat.

Best of all were the meerkats. They were playing with this ball, trying to get something out of the middle. And there was this one that just hung out by himself. He was playing the guitar and singing "I'm leaving on a jetplane." It was bizarre I tell ya!!!

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