Manny Ramirez MP3 Sunglasses Part Deux

I see there was a blurb in The Boston Globe today regarding Manny Ramirez and the Oakley Thump mp3 sunglasses. This is a rumor that I mentioned here sometime last week. (see below for the original post)

Excerpt from the All-Star notebook in today's Globe:
" An exasperated Terry Francona addressed rumors that Manny Ramirez last week used sunglasses with a built in music player. I wish somebody had asked me, Francona said. Somebody called me and told me it was a big deal, (in Boston). In Texas I knew about it. Lynn Jones came to me and said, Hey don't panic, but Manny has got these glasses, he can't see because of the glare. I think he wore them for an inning. They had no battery in them, He can't see, He's scuffling...."

Now that Francona is on the record about this whole scenario I have a few questions.
OK, it was a day game and there was glare. Where were Manny's regular game sunglasses? There were no other sunglasses avaiable to be worn in the field except the Oakley Thump's? I doubt it.

Two- How stupid and or naive are you Francona?To go on record and say that "They had no battery in them." I quick spec. search of the product reveals that the rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery is BUILT IN. Therefore Francona's response that there was no battery holds no water.

All in all Manny has been swinging the stick well and has been having one of his best seasons in the outfield while wearing a Sox uniform. That is all well and good, but for the amount of money he is getting paid, I don't think he should be wearing headphones in the field, he has a hard enough time keeping his head in the game without any further distractions.

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