Whoops!! I guess I was a little over anxious!!

So I wake up this morning. First day back to work after a week off. Two weeks without Stern. A message posted on a Stern Fan Messageboard last night from Sal The Stockbroker that simply said, "Tune in at 6am."

All of the above and the fact that my coffee was being brewed and was yet to get my caffeine fix let me fall victim to this mornings David Lee Roth prank. I've been listening to Howard since the first day he entered the Boston market back when I was in middle school but I fell for this shit! To make matters worse I also fell for his April Fools Day "no longer on the air" prank also!

I made a comment on the busblog right before I made my post, and Tony knew I was on crack and knew that the David Lee Roth was a fake! He then showed me some link love and gave me some nice Tony Pierce traffic, and you all got too see what a fool I am!!

I can't access my blog from work, but I can get to sitemeter, so being able to click on sitemeter while at work and watch the hits pile up was a great way to help my Monday move along!


Don't you love how the spellchecker built into Blogger does not think that "blog" is a word??
Go figure!


tony said...

oh man. i wasnt trying to make my readers see what a fool you are. i just felt bad for you because you seemed geniunely upset.

i too am a huge fan of howard, and i was lucky enough to work at E! and if i hadnt heard those prank calls this summer via my ipod i probably would have fallen for it too because that impersonator is really good.

plus when howard called in - even though i knew that wasnt the real dlr i was thinking, wow howard is really milking this for all its worth.

and he seemed pissed!

anyway i think we're both glad that howard is back, and its good to see that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve for terrestrial radio.

tony said...

that second sentence really doesnt look that good. thats not what i meant at all.

4rilla said...


'Tis all good in the 'hood. I knew you weren't trying to bust on me!

Once I heard the DLR bit going down I tried to log onto www.mfsfn.com which is a Stern Fan messageboard I frequent. But they were down due to traffic. I couldn't find news of it anywhere so I hopped on over to the busblog to sound off in case it was legit.

But yeah, I've been a fan for way too long to fall for that crap! But Howard seems to still get me even when I should know better...

4rilla said...

Notice your top on the blogroll!!