Big Brother Spoilers

There are some spoilers to come right off the bat, so block your eyes if you don't want to know!!!

We know that Kayser handed Jennifer HOH on a silver platter after she put on a teary eyed routine and made an agreement with him to put up two people on her side for nominations in order to then backdoor James at the Power of Veto ceremony and get James out.

Well since then Jennifer, April and Maggie, Ivette and Beau all conspired. Instead they put Janelle and Rachel up on the block. At the POV ceremony Jennifer shows what a low down dirty piece of shit she is and stabs Kaysar in the back and puts Kaysar up in Rachel's spot. I will admit that it was a good strategic move, but for the well being of the house and for viewing pleasure I think everyone would rather see James out the door, or anyone else from "The Friendship" for that matter. They know that Kaysar is a super good player and smarter than all of them and I guess they took their one shot to get him out.

I did see the best moment that I have ever seen in my years of watching the BB live feeds earlier today. Kaysar was having a conversation with April trying to get April to admit why she thought the "backdoor" move was OK. She had no rational answer and after a while I saw Howie go off like I have never seen!!

He told April that she is the worst player in the game and that she is fucking useless, he said that he would get HOH next week and get her voted the fuck out. She would have to spend the rest of the game in sequester without her ugly husband and her ugly dog. He told her that she isn't winning any money and will be sitting in sequester making minimum wage!! He was swearing up a storm at her and she was just repeating, "I don't care, I don't care."

April may have been saying that she does not care but she is now crying to Maggie and Beau. I guess Janelle also told Maggie to go fuck herself!! Good stuff!!

It's only 7pm on the West Coast so there will probably be some additional drama tonite!!!

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